16 Jun

KMZ Support

The last update finally brings support for KMZ and improved Collada support. Now, users can load 3D objects, e.g. from Google 3D Warehouse or exported from SketchUp.

24 Mar

New Biosphere3D Release and Logo

The graphic designer and photographer Henrik Andree has created this Biosphere3D logo:

Biosphere3D logo by Henrik Andree

Biosphere3D logo by Henrik Andree

The latest Biosphere3D release is a major update. It includes new features such as:

  • New rendering effects: shadows, ambient occlusion (see preferences, settings have no effect, if your gpu doesn’t support it)
  • Creation and capture of Camera Paths (Panel -> Camera Path to create, Panel->Screenshot to capture)
  • Polygons of Shapefiles can be drapped on the ground (use text-attribute “GrndColor”, e.g. “1,1,1″ for white or “1,0,0″ for red, add the Shapefile to the Maps tab)

Issues with SketchUp 6 and 7 collada (.dae) files have been fixed (e.g. problems with materials, groups or components).

New Biosphere3D rendering of Herod's 3rd winter palace and gardens

New Biosphere3D rendering of Herod’s 3rd winter palace and gardens

15 Jan

New Features: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, 16 bit Floats for Deferred Shading

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Malte Clasen has ported parts of the NVIDIA Direct3D 10 sample code to support Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (cf. Malte’s Blog).

Biosphere3D now also supports optional 16 bit Floats for Deferred Shading (turn on in Preferences) on recent GPUs (tested on Radeon HD4850), which e.g. results in better water shading (also due to implementation of Schlick’s approximation of the Fresnel equations).